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Around the world, animals play an important role in our lives. Here in the United States, many of us regard our dogs, cats and horses as family members. It’s not surprising that we want safe and effective medical treatments when our animals suffer from illness. Zoetis is proud to have discovered and developed some of the leading vaccines and prescription medicines that can make pets live longer and healthier lives.

For farm animals such as cattle and swine, Zoetis offers the broadest line of products in the world to improve their health and quality of life. We are also pleased to provide outstanding technical support and service throughout the United States to help beef, dairy and swine producers - and their veterinarians - to improve the safety, quality and productivity of their livestock by taking full advantage of Zoetis products.

Because our goal is to do more than any other company to further animal health, we are the worldwide leaders in animal health research. To help us find new medicines for animals, hundreds of Zoetis researchers in veterinary medicine leverage the work of thousands of Zoetisscientists searching for new medications for people. In the years ahead, Zoetis is confident of delivering innovative new vaccines and medicines that will address significant unmet medical needs of both companion and farm animals.

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